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OZ Labels and Company Sleeve 1988-1989


A small independent label set up by part time musician Graeme Thomas in a house around 1975 in the Melbourne suburb of Preston from where the label took its name. As an outlet for local Rockabilly groups and Rock’n’Rollers similar to that of Ron Weiser’s Rollin’ Rock label in the US during the 70’s.
Preston also boasted the fact that the studio equipment was the old valve technology for the authentic 50’s  sound and like Ron Weiser the “studio” was either the lounge room or a bedroom. The first few records were pressed privately, later in a deal with the plant that pressed for EMI.
The plain label was the 1st issue and only 250 pressed as a trial, the pink & black label 2nd issue. The green was the “permanent” design and came out in different colours. Preston is still going although scaled down and a few CD’s coming out from time to time. Albums of Preston material were released by UK Charly.
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