These pages was born when a confused collector (Erling Mehl)
had great problems with matching sleeves to labels.
The site is an effort to create a chronological view
of labels and their sleeves.
The research has been very time-consuming, and continues to be so.
but most of the problems seem possible
to solve with help from the users of the site.
Especially thanks to Middle Earth Records who has
delivered scans of sleeves from the start in March 2009,if you were the person from middle earth I would be pleased to hear from you.
A sleeve must have been used for at least 2 records to qualify.
(Sleeves with printed titles, record number or barcodes
are "picture sleeves" - made for one certain issue only.)
Limited editions may qualify, open to discussion, it is probably best to include it and delete at a later date if necessary.

Erling did not want to include sleeves beyond 1990 due to the complexity , but as 45,s and their sleeves are still being produced (2018) they will be included. It is necessary to take a much simpler view than Erlings original site specification
There are also approximately 300 countries including the USSR , Turkey etc. who produced so beautiful sleeves and will be included as time goes on. It is also been necessary to take a simplified view of new country sleeves but I hope you find it interesting.

Also I am not getting any younger myself so hopefully somebody of the younger generation reading this would like to help me develop this site and eventually take it over.

Here is an explanation of some terms used:

Scan of label


Kapp Records Inc

Label details

447 - 1962
644 - 1965

662 - 1965
999 - 1969

Catalogue numbers


As a rule only main label differences are shown.
Promo labels and special issues will be shown if deemed suitable.
Label details are shown where this has
importance in finding a sleeve change.

If I have seen the actual record, (physically or from the web), or verified from other sources,
the catalogue numbers are shown in blue color.

No hyphens are used  -  F-1644 is shown as F 1644.

There are gaps in the number sequence when
the exact moment of label-change is unknown.
Help in filling the gaps are most appreciated.






No 10b

2001 - 1969
2070 - 1969

A division of


Ref 22A

 Cut straight

 Inside glued


Sleeve no.
Catalogue range
Matching label(s) for the sleeve
Repro-sleeve reference
(See below)

Top of sleeve

Assembly information
(See below)

Sleeve details


The back of the sleeve is always where the assembly is done.
(See details below).
If the assembly is done on the front you will find  (!)  after the assembly info.
It's nearly impossible to find the correct moment of sleeve change if this don't correspond with the label change.
The pressing plants often used the remaining stock of  old sleeves before starting with the new sleeves.
= Last sleeve(s) added

Sleeve Assembly

Inside glued

Glued left/right

Glued bottom/right (UK)

Glued bottom/right (US)


Inside glued - double


You can help to improve the pages
If you have corrections or scans of missing sleeves,
don't hesitate to contact.
Contact for corrections


Preferred scan specifications:
100% size - at least 200 DPI resolution - both sides of sleeve on white background.
Please leave at least 10 mm. margins around the sleeve
(or send the complete scanner bed if you won't crop).
The 100% size is needed to be able to enlarge small details on the sleeve,
such as  on US RCA.


A large selection of  UK and US repro-sleeves are available from
Big Boppa Records
If repro-sleeves are available you will find....and ref.no
below/left of the sleeve.

Erling Mehl
Bergen Norway

Updated 4/2018 David Sayers